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Corbin Manufacturing offers a multi-media library of swaging for $69.50. Ask for BP-7. The book package includes four print books and three e-Books on CD-ROM, including the Bullet Swage Manual, Technical Bulletins and eBooks Power Swaging, Corbin Handbook of Swaging No.9, and the World Directory of Custom Bullet Makers.
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Seven Book Library, BP-7
Bullet Swage Manual,
Ted Smith
The Bullet Swage Manual is the first book about bullet swaging, written by Ted Smith of SAS Dies in the 1960's and published by Corbin. It is a historical work with many photos of early Corbin and SAS products. It remains unchanged in tribute to the pioneer of popular swaging and inventor of the powder trickler called the "Little Dripper". Cat.No. BSM
Technical Bulletins,
Volume I,

D.R. Corbin
The Corbin Technical Bulletins. Volume I, is the bound collection of Corbin's monthly mailings to early clients, researching questions and providing answers about the most frequent inquiries. The book was published in 1977, covering the twelve months of 1976. This was the start of the series of Corbin Technical Bulletins books, published over two decades, and has the answers to questons handloaders still ask about bullet swaging, today! Illustrated with drawings and photos by made by D.R. Corbin. Cat.No. TB-1
Technical Bulletins,
Volume II, 2nd ed.

D.R. Corbin
The Corbin Technical Bulletins. Volume II, was first published in 1980 in print form. The second edition is completely re-written as an e-Book, on CD-ROM. Each chapter covers a caliber range or a specific caliber in order of diameter. The first group are the "sub-calibers" from 14 to 20. The final chapter covers the big bores. Like all the techical bulletin series, it is heavily illustrated. Cat.No. TB-2-E
Technical Bulletins,
Volume III,

D.R. Corbin
The Corbin Technical Bulletins. Volume III, was first published in 1983, and consists of 11 chapters that either publish original research papers on bullet design, testing, and construction, or are reprinted magazine articles written by D.R. Corbin, some of which were printed in foreign languages in technical journals outside the USA and have been included in the original English version here. Topics include heat treating bullet jackets, copper tubing bullets, survival bullet making (scrap materials), and the fore-runner of the modern "bonded core" bullet is discussed in a chapter about soldered core bullets. These go into detail and specific instructions. Cat.No. TB-3
Power Swaging
(Technical Bulletins,
Volume IV),
D.R. Corbin
The Corbin Technical Bulletins. Volume IV, was first published in 1987. It was the first of the technical bulletins to be dedicated to a single subject, so it was named "Power Swaging". At that time, Corbin had developed the famous Hydro-Press, now the standard for custom bullet makers around the world and basis for over 350 commercial enterprises. But other products had evolved as well, and the experimentation, formulae, engineering and math involved is discussed in this book. Die strength, press design, hydraulic and mechanical systems, air (pneumatic) presses, and more, are discussed in detail. This is the first technical bulletin series to be re-written to reflect changes in design of Corbin products, and is the standard operating manual for the Corbin Hydro-Press and Hydro Junior. The current version was just published and contains updates to earlier work. It is a 6-inch by 9-inch 3-ring bound work with additional inserts, tables, and a section on bullet jacket drawing. Cat.No. TB-4. Also available on CD-ROM in e-book form, both in PDF and HTML formats, as TB-4-E.
Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No. 9
D.R. Corbin
The Corbin Handbook has been re-written nine times over the past 37 years, and each time, it is updated with a number increment. These editions of the same book have changed format and size dramatically over the years. Today, it is CD-ROM with two formats, HTML so you can read it with your browser, and Adobe Acrobat PDF plus a free copy of Acrobat Reader from Adobe Systems. It is a thorough book, covering the purpose and operation of nearly every Corbin product. If you only have one swaging book, it should be this one or ReDiscover Swaging. The earlier Handbook 8 is out of print now, replaced by the updated and enlarged Handbook No 9 E.
Discover Swaging Hard Cover (rare)
(out of print)
D.R. Corbin
The first edition Stackpole publication, "Discover Swaging", was printed in only 5000 copies over 25 years ago. We found a few original, unread copies in a box in the back of our warehouse. They had the original color dust covers and were in perfect, new condition. These sold out completely, and are no longer available. Recent listings on various rare book web stores and auction sites show prices of $95-198 each for used condition books, and bids of $2500-$3500 for books in new condition, with a recent offer at $7770.02 for a new condition book with cover. Price depends heavily on condition among collectors. Corbin books are usually limited quantity editions.
The World
A comprehensive book about the commercial bullet business, "The World Directory of Custom Bullet Makers" is a 6-inch by 9-inch 3-ring binder format with many sections, or sub-books, inside it. The content includes these sections...

  • Ordering, specifying, and testing custom bullets
  • Listing of the world's custom bullet makers
  • Advertising from custom bullet makers.
  • Product photos and ideas not yet marketed.
  • Source book for jacket making materials (over 200 suppliers)
  • Source book for lead wire and lead ingots (over 200 suppliers)
  • Corbin Guide to Jacket Manufacturing (four methods)
Cat.No. WD-1. Also available on CD-ROM in e-book form (WD-1-E).
Turning Ideas Into Income
Turning Ideas Into Income,
D.R. Corbin
Turning Ideas Into Income is a 224-page guide to turning your ideas into income, building your income into wealth, and arranging your business to support a good family life. It is filled with detailed information written over a twenty year time span of helping clients achieve success in the custom bullet field. You will be guided step by step through successful promotion and marketing techniques, counciled on partnerships, non-disclosure agreements, patents, and the dynamics of selling your ideas to existing manufacturers versus manufacturing them yourself. The simple (but not easy) lifestyle changes that allow almost anyone to improve their finances and to build toward a future of wealth and security are clearly outlined, with concrete examples of what to do, as well as how and when to do it. Interview results with businesses who are making the same product in the same market point out the critical differences in behavior, attitude, and technique that make one highly successful, and the other on the brink of failure.

The book is written with humor and filled with easily understood anecdotes to clearly illustrate the principles that have proven so successful. It is written from the viewpoint of a person who has spent a lifetime helping others build successful businesses, and also building a number of them personally for his own family and employees in a variety of fields (business software, computers, telecommunications, marine navigation and avionics, real estate and tool manufacturing). If you feel that you don't have the resources or marketing experience to turn a good idea into a source of income, or are concerned about your financial future, you can benefit from the well-proven wealth-building techniques spelled out in this book. Also available on CD-ROM as "DC-TIII". Click for prices
Handbook Of Bullet Swaging, No. 9 on CD-ROM
Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging,
No. 9
Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No. 9, Text on CD-ROM, is the text version of the next edition of the Corbin Handbook, in HTML and PDF Format. New information, new products and instructions are covered in this text-only edition. You can print or search for words or phrases, using the free copy of Acrobat Reader supplied on the disk (along with installer software). Self-starting CD-ROM with menu to install the reader, or to open and view the book. Cat.No. HB-9E
Power Swaging e-book
Power Swaging
Power Swaging e-Book on CD-ROM, is the electronic version of the book Power Swaging, in both HTML (web page) and Acrobat PDF formats. You can print or search for words or phrases, using the free copy of Acrobat Reader supplied on the disk (along with installer software). Self-starting CD-ROM with menu to install the reader, or to open and view the book. Cat.No. TB-4-E
World Directory e-book
World Directory
of Custom Bullet Makers
World Directory e-Book on CD-ROM, is the electronic version of the World Directory of Custom Bullet Makers, in both HTML (web page) and Acrobat PDF formats. You can print or search for words or phrases, using the free copy of Acrobat Reader supplied on the disk (along with installer software). Self-starting CD-ROM with menu to install the reader, or to open and view the book. Cat.No. WD-1-E

Y2K Book Solving Your Y2K Problem is a quick-reading book designed to help the non-technical computer user determine whether any date-related problems exist in using older software or hardware. It outlines the nature of the problem, why it came to be, how dates are stored in software, and how to test and fix Y2K errors. This is not a survival book, does not even discuss massive social upheavals or crashing airplanes, but is just a common-sense, down-to-earth instruction book for the person with an older desktop or laptop computer or useful legacy software to be used on a newer computer. Cat.No. Y2K.

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